At 4AM Anything is Possible

B2B Services that Help Early Stage Companies Scale

At 4AM Anything is Possible

B2B Consulting Services that Help Early Stage Companies Scale

The 4AM Mindset

Scaling a Company in Today's Competitive Landscape is Hard

In the early stages, the organization is centered around product development. While exciting, all the effort in the product development phase is to get to phase 2: scale. Scaling the organization relies on a sound Go-To-Market strategy and will determine the long-term capabilities of the organization. ​

At 4AM, we bring our experience in scaling organizations to you and offer our support to ensure your success. We recognize that developing, implementing & analyzing a go-to-market strategy is not “one size fits all”. Below are our offerings that have worked for others and if there’s a custom set of offerings that we can put together for you, we’ll be pleased to do so.


Service Offerings

Designed To Suit Your Needs

Fractional CMO / GTM Strategy

One size does not fit all - get it right from the start!

Having sat in the CMO seat, we’ll work closely with leadership to develop, design and implement a marketing strategy that fits your unique needs with growth in top of mind. 

Go-To-Market Strategy

We will help you plan and optimize your program and budget mix as well as align teams and processes to ensure you get the most out of them. We will deliver your full GTM Strategy in the 4AM platform and give you access so that in the end you will have all of the details of your plan in a single place to share with the marketing team and key stakeholders.

Demand Generation & Demand Capture Strategy

Critical to setting your strategy is understanding your plan. Our team will help you translate your revenue goals into how many leads you need to go source by planning your reverse waterfall. We can do this by using your historical data or industry best practice funnel conversion rates. 

At 4AM we view this as way more than just a math exercise. This requires joint conversations with both sales and marketing at the table. It requires an understanding with finance and the business around revenue goals. Joint commitment between sales and marketing for who is responsible for what. Alignment on funnel definitions and optimized processes for lead follow-up. Our team helps facilitate and set the stage for these decisions and will guide you with best practices across the board.

Once the teams are aligned and lead goals are set, we’ll help plan the optimal budget and program mix for you based on your budget and target market.

Budgeting and Forecasting

We will manage your marketing budget, ensuring that resources are allocated effectively and in alignment with the company’s goals. 

Performance tracking

We will continue to meet with key stakeholders, review metrics on an ongoing basis, revisit your program and budget mix every quarter to continue to optimize and help your teams educate the business on the ROI of your demand-gen programs.

*Pricing starts at $7,500/month with a plan uniquely suited to meet your needs

Marketing & Sales Operations

One size does not fit all - get it right from the start!

Marketing operations is foundational for demand generation to succeed. And, from our perspective, we believe that for your marketing automation system, processes and workflows for lead handling, and reporting to truly work well, they need to be built by people who intimately understand demand-gen.   

Marketing automation selection and/or optimization

If you don’t have a tool already in place, we will understand your business and goals and help select the right system for your needs. Our experts can then implement the system and get it up and running with your CRM. 

If you already have a tool in place, we can assess its current state and make recommendations for optimizing it based on best practices and with your unique business in mind.

4AM Tracking Methodology

Once your system is in good shape, 4AM will bring our methodology, uniquely designed to fit your business, built on decades of experience to you to help build, optimize and manage your marketing & sales systems so that you have visibility into what’s working & what’s not. We will help you define what your processes are for lead handling and sales handoff. If you need help understanding best practices, or the way this should look in order to be effective, we can provide that guidance. 

Once your processes are defined, our team will build the necessary workflows inside your system to ensure they are automated and working properly. 

Day-to-day operations

Once your system is set up and optimized, we can start to move into ongoing management. This is where we will help define, set-up and manage your reporting, implement email nurture streams and email marketing campaigns and ensure proper lead flow and tagging as you launch your programs.  

*Pricing starts at $2,500/month with a plan uniquely suited to meet your needs

What Our Clients Say

"I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the 4AM team. From day 1 it was clear to me that they not only understood all aspects of Demand Generation but also, truly cared about how to apply it to our business. They've felt like an extension of our team."

Jake Reisch CEO, Eversound

"We asked the 4AM team to help us develop and integrate an Account Based Marketing program into our enterprise strategy. Their ability to work closely with both our marketing and sales team has helped align us as a single go-to-market team and ensure effectiveness of our ABM campaigns. They have a unique ability to both think and plan strategically, as well as manage and execute the tactical details."

Stephanie Brocum CMO, edX

I was very impressed with the way the 4AM team helped us negotiate, select, and integrate our new marketing and sales technology stack. They approached each negotiation as though it was there own money they were spending. When it came time to integrate our systems and begin demand generation programs, they took the time necessary to learn the business so that both were done effectively

Klaus Oestermann CEO, Bedrock Systems

We brought the 4AM team on to run our paid search program, and before we knew it, they were helping scale our entire marketing program. We think of them as an extended members of the Camber team and appreciate their passion for what we're building and how they can help us tell the world about it.

Charles Denault CEO, Camber

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