Welcome to 4AM Demand! We are thrilled that you’re here.

Note: Associating yourself with us does not mean you have to start getting up at 4AM each morning.  If that’s your thing, well then, more power to you.  For us, there’s a fun story behind where it came from that we look forward to telling you all about. 

Now that you are here, we can’t wait to share with you what we’re building.  It’s a platform built by demand generators, for demand generators.  Designed to bring the “how” of demand generation to the forefront and unite Marketing, Sales & Finance teams around: 

  • Go-to-market lingo & terminology
  • A common set of objectives built around a revenue / deal plan rooted in reality
  • The marketing budget & program plans that will deliver against those objectives
  • A succinct set of reports built for specific audiences within your organization
  • Direct integrations with some of the platforms we all use day in, day out

Demand generation is hard because, well, it’s hard. Like the saying goes, if it was easy, everyone would be doing it. If you’re here it means you are committed to your craft and interested in ways to make it just a little bit simpler. Let’s get you started on that journey.

First things first, you can create a free account here. When you login for the first time, our guided tour will walk you through the homepage and how you can explore the features that exist inside the platform. In free-user mode you’ll be able to see how we’ve defined the different layers of our funnel and build your very own that aligns with the growth expectations of your organization. You heard that right, effective today, no more spreadsheets in the shape of funnels!

Once complete, upgrading to our Core product will activate our budgeting & program planning console so that you can build your plans directly against the objectives you set. As you enter your planned programs, you’ll be able to easily enter the number of planned leads associated with lead based programs and viola, you’ll be able to share an actionable plan.

Inevitably, as you move through the year you’re going to get the question, “what if…”

Ideally: “what would happen if we gave you more money to spend on programs next quarter”

Or more realistically: “what would happen if we spent less in marketing next quarter”

Well, good news, you are armed to answer that question.  Simply create a new budget in sandbox mode, present the impact of more or less spending against your targets and when ready, flip it to active.

Once objectives are set, a budget is built, programs are planned, upgrade to our growth product, connect your marketing platform (HubSpot or Salesforce for now) and start tracking actuals against your goals.  Couple notes on this:

  1. If you want to go all in on growth, connect with us, we’ll walk you through it and take it on together.  
  2. We just launched so we’re sure there are going to be things we want to clean up. We’re here and we’ll perfect it together.

We realize there are a ton of systems that will give you reporting. Our goal is to simplify what you’re looking at, make sense of all the reports and give you guidance on where to invest to drive the business forward.

We’re excited to announce our launch and this is just the beginning. As we like to say, the 4AM product is as much about you, the Demand Generator as it is about Demand Generation. We welcome you to our growing community of growth marketers. Demand generation is hard, get it right and you will play a critical role in the success of your organization.

Effective immediately, we’ve got your back. LFG (Let’s F’ing Grow!) Sorry, I couldn’t help myself. 🙂

By: Josh Verrill
Co-Founder & CEO

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