What an exciting day, 5+ years in the making. We are thrilled to announce the long awaited launch of 4AM Demand! Long awaited for us, perhaps not you, but give us time and you’ll get the picture.

We have so much we want to share with you about the adventure that has led us to this day. If you’ll allow us, we’d love to connect with you so that we can share details of that journey with you and, if we do it right, lessons, tips and tricks we’ve learned along the way that may prove useful. And if nothing else, we promise to provide a smile or a laugh for fellow marketers navigating the not-so-easy world of demand generation.

Ok, indulge us, let’s jump right into some high quality marketing stuff. The ins and outs, if you will.

“Who are you?” 

We are 4AM Demand.

That’s right, 4AM. There’s a whole story here that will come in a subsequent blog post. Going to need to subscribe to read that one.

What is 4AM Demand? 

4AM Demand is an intelligent demand generation platform that delivers an end-to-end demand generation framework for B2B growth companies.  

And like that, you’re hooked, except that here is where we have to tell you that it’s coming soon. We’re really excited about how far the platform has come and we’re looking for some early adopters to get in ahead of everyone else, interested? You’d be a part of an exclusive crew.

How do you do it? 

Through a consultative approach and an integrated SaaS solution created by industry veterans, 4AM Demand provides marketers with the education, planning, collaboration, and accountability to proactively lead growth for their companies.

Catch all that? If not, it goes like this, we’re building a software platform and offering consulting services alongside it. Our goal is to make effective demand generation execution more attainable (a.k.a. simple) for high-growth organizations. Also, we think effective demand generators are pretty cool and we want to shed a light on how much impact they really drive for an organization. What if we said that we thought today’s demand generation leaders were tomorrow’s Chief Revenue Officers? Would you believe us? No? Just wait.

Who do you do it for? 

Business executives and marketing professionals at startups of all sizes use 4AM Demand to unify finance, sales and marketing, demystify budgeting, simplify reporting, and execute predictable plans to scale customer adoption and revenue.

That actually says it pretty clearly. That’s what we’re doing. Demand generation isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be so complex that you need to hire a multi-year veteran for hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to get it right. You just need the right tools, access to the right expertise and some confidence. Game on.

Ok, now that you’re well acquainted with 4AM, allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Josh Verrill and Heather Stokes. We have worked together for nearly a decade and have a ton of stories we can’t wait to share. Yet another good reason to subscribe! 🙂

As for 4AM and starting a business together, this is something we have discussed for years. True, we are developing a platform for businesses to use that will declutter the martech space and focus on growth initiatives that work. True, we are offering consulting services to offer our experience to those same businesses. No arguments. But what we’re really after, what we’re truly passionate about, is building a business that inspires it’s employees & it’s customers to become better, bolder marketers. Because we’ve been there. When you’re on your heels, with the head of sales tossing out “what if’s” and “have we thought about”, trying like hell to prove, for ourselves and our teams, the value of what we do. Demand generation is a hard, thankless task. When the leads are good, sales is killing it, when the leads suck, marketing is not. We want to rewrite that paradigm, flip it in fact. Open the lines of communication and create a space for marketing and sales to win together.

Are we martech? Sure. Are we revtech? Yea, probably more revtech than martech. But 4AM is about more than technology, it’s about the people that use the technology and unlocking their complete potential. And it’s about the type of organization we want to build. One that recognizes and celebrates potential in each and every employee, emboldens them to embrace their creativity and creates a springboard for them to grow and when ready, go off and change the world. 

Get in touch with us to get started on your growth journey. 

It’s just the beginning and we’re glad you’re here. Join us, we’ll work hard every day on your behalf.

Now let’s go change the world, one marketer at a time.

With thanks,

Josh & Heather  

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